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Hot Site Of The Month Archives


June / July 2019

NY Times - NY, USA and World News at it's best.


October - December 2018

Dropbox - File Storage, Share and Collaborate.


July/August/September 2018

Sirius XM - Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Music, Comedy, News and Talk.


May/June 2018

Royal Duchess - Meghan (Markle) Windsor Duchess Of Sussex


March/April 2018

The Verge - Excellent Tech News.


January 2018

Gizmodo - Tech News


October - December 2017

Band mobile app - Organize Groups with Social collaboration, privage chat, community board, calendar, file sharing, photo album, group calls. Great for clubs, teams and faith groups.


August 2017

Allo app - The Messenging app by Google that has the Google Assistant built in.


May/June/July 2017

Tick Tick App (iOS, Android, Web) - A great task list substitute for Wunderlist since Microsoft may be phasing this out in the future. Not as good, but not bad for a free app. Microsoft's To-Do app is picking up some steam, but is not there yet.


February/March 2017

Super Mario Run App - Nintendo's hot new Mario Brothers game for iOS and coming soon to Android.


November 2016

Companion App. Traveling to a suspicious place or alley. Have your friends and family and/or police in the Companion App on alert in case something happens.

August/September 2016

Pokemon Go - Capture Pokemon creatures in the real world with this amazing augmented reality app for iOS and Android.


July 2016

Netflix - iOS, Android, Windows App and website for great movie DVD rentals and streaming. Also stream many of your favorite TV shows.


June 2016

Flipboard - The popular news app which allows your news feeds and some social network feeds flip from page to page in it's amazing flip format has come to the web.


May 2016

Newsvine - News and Blog


April 2016

NY Times - New York's Leading Newspaper


January/February 2016

NYC Go - NYC Activities, Things To Do, Shows, Events



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